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IPM Viewer
tool for viewing content of MasterCard IPM (Integrated Product Messages) clearing files.

  • Parser compatible with 19.Q4 specification
  • Supported layouts: RDW, RDW 1014, no RDW; formats: ASCII, EBCDIC
  • Automatic file format recognition
  • Tree-view data representation
  • Extensive search facilities
  • Annotation (meaning) for field values
  • Advanced bit-views for some ICC Tags
  • Format convertor (Export to different layouts and/or formats)
  • MPE file processing support for additional enrichment of output data (PAN range (table IP0040T1) and member (table IP0072T1) information)

Change log
Version 0.7
  • minor bug fixes
  • support 19.Q4 parser specification
Version 0.6
  • added MPE tables processing (consume IP0040T1 and IP0072T1 to show related information about PAN (DE2) and Financial Institution (DE93, DE94 and DE100))
  • added experimental MPE Query facility (fetch MPE data using SQL queries)
Version 0.5
  • reworked filter, now there is a possibility to search in case insesitive mode and match exact string pattern for the field
  • added Export feature that allow to convert original file to another encoding or layout
Version 0.4
  • 'Open recent file' menu added
  • Extended views for chip (ICC) data fields
Version 0.3
  • 18Q2 release parser changes
  • Support 'No RDW' file layout
  • Meaning for PDS0302, PDS0368, PDS0023, PDS0105s2
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 0.2
  • Added information screen with summary of file content (Ctrl+I)
  • Added search specificator. Now there is a possibilty to filter content based on the value in specific field
Version 0.1-beta
  • Supported formats: RDW, RDW 1014 Blocked, data coding ASCII or EBCDIC
  • Automatic file format recognition
  • Tree-view data representation
  • Full-text search
  • Description (meaning) of the value for:
    • MCC (DE26)
    • Currency (DE49, DE50, DE51, etc)
    • Country (DE43s6)
    • Reason Code (DE25)
    • POS Data Code subfields (DE22)