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[ENG] tool for viewing and editing of DPOE (Documents and Payment Orders Exchange) files used to exchange clearing data in MIR National Payment System (NSPK) used in Russia

[RUS] утилита для просмотра и редактирования файлов клирингового протокола ОДПТ (Обмен Документами и Платежными Требованиями) платежной системы МИР (НСПК)

  • Support of 19.2.1 specification
  • Tree-view data representation
  • Advanced parsing and error reporting facilities
  • Data editing:
    • editing field values (including format check)
    • managing container fields (adding new, deleting existing items)
    • changing order (moving) of a message within a file
    • copying messages

  • There is no control over Message Numbers (FD-071) and totals in Trailer, so if you create a new message or copy/move existing one you should take care about FD-071 order and totals
  • There is no UTF8 support
  • No symantic control over entered values, only format check. So, for example, you can enter value 9998 for FD-026 (MCC), that is not recognized by MIR, but satisfy field format requirements (n-4)