Payment Card Tools

Tools that can be useful for engineers involved in Payment Card Industry.

DES Calculator - basic crypto calculations and operations with binary data: DES, 3DES encryption/decryption, bitwise operations (AND, OR, XOR)

Card Security Values - set of tools for Card Security Values calculation including: basic types (CVV, CVC, CVV2, CVC2, iCVV), Visa Dynamic CVV (dCVV), MasterCard Dynamic CVC3, MasterCard AAV (SPA CVC2)

PIN Block Calculator - calculates PIN blocks of ISO 9654 format 0 and 1

PIN Verifications - calculation of VISA PVV (PIN Verification Value) and IBM 3624 Natural PIN

PIN from PIN block - extracts PIN from PIN block (clear or encrypted). Detects PIN block ISO 9654 format 0 and 1

PIN from PVV - selects PIN(s) that match particular PVV value by enumerating range of available PINs from 0000 to 9999 (kind of PIN bruteforce)

Luhn Check - PAN check digit validator/calculator

ISO 8583 Bitmap - Bitmap calculator, allows to manipulate ISO 8583 message bitmap through set of checkboxes (bits)

TLV Parser - tool for parsing EMV BER-TLV data. Extended view with detailed layouts of bits implemented for following EMV tags:

  • 82 - Application Interchange Profile (AIP)
  • 95 - Terminal Verification Results (TVR)
  • 9F10 - Card Verification Results (CVR) as part of Issuer Application Data (VIS 1.5)
  • 9F33 - Terminal Capabilities
  • 9F34 - Cardholder Verification Method (CVM) Results

ARQC Calculator - tool for ARQC/ARPC calculation (VISA CVN 10)

IPM Viewer - tool for viewing content of MasterCard IPM (Integrated Product Messages) clearing files. Version 0.6 released new

API - simple RESTful webservice beta


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